Macrosoftnet Software Development – Introduction

Software Development

Macrosoftnet, Inc is fast growing medium sized software and IT services company, headquarters based in Santa Clara, California, USA and having branch offices and development centers, Macrosoftnet Pvt. Ltd., in Chennai, (formerly known as Madras) in South India. Macrosoftnet Software Development

Macrosoftnet is pioneering in the B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) software development, providing custom made software solutions to businesses of any type and size, in latest technology for affordable development cost through offshore development.

We have been developing, delivering industrial grade software solutions and products to our clients in the USA, Europe, South East Asia and all around the world. We provide services such as On-demand professional consulting services and offshore software development.

Today we have about 100 plus software engineers, professionals and have experience exceeding 600 plus work years. This includes experience in developing software products and solutions for the various industry sectors such as finance, banking, manufacturing, insurance, internet, and trading. We have a core group of top-notch management, architects, and technologists to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Our strength

We do not restrict ourselves to specific tools, platforms or technology. We have frequently demonstrated cross-platform expertise over our domain expertise.

We focus on continuous learning and knowledge management. We have adapted to new technologies quickly.

Our business models are evolved from practical interactions with our clients. Our business models and standards always reflect the requirement of our clients.

Who are our clients?

If you are an end-user (companies in the sectors such as finance, banking, manufacturing, insurance, internet, and trading) and you are looking for software solutions to improve your organizations efficiency, increase your capacity to undertake more business there by increasing your profitability.

We will work with you to develop and deliver custom-made information systems to achieve this. We will help you in the selection of suitable systems technologies and will work with you in identifying methods to implement the technology optimally for you.

If you are an OEM and you are looking for a software system that utilizes the investment on your hardware to the fullest extent possible. We will work with you to identify ways and solutions to fulfill this and will deliver optimal solutions for your clients.

If you are a software house and looking for expansion and the capacity to take on more work, we will share each others knowledge and working methods to deliver quantifiable solutions.

If you are a systems integrator who works with multiple business partners delivering hardware, software, communication and management consultancy. We will work closely with you to understand the objectives you have promised to your clients and will help you deliver the committed systems and software solutions to your clients.

What we are offering is, thus a business partnership. Mutual beneficial long-term relationships that will help us both grow. An opportunity to reap benefits from software business that is exploding worldwide.