Macrosoftnet – Why offshore Software Development?

Why offshore?

The trend today in globalization extends beyond manufacturing to provide software solutions, products development and support services. The low cost, highly skilled trained work force in India provides excellent added value to you and to your customers / clients.

Cost is not the only advantage

Outsourcing to offshore cuts your costs of design, development, and maintenance by half. The advantages do not stop there. When you work with Macrosoftnet, we offer these additional advantages:

Lean, mean and flexible

Your IS (Information Systems) team need not to struggle with diverse and ever increasing requirements of your users, or customers / clients. Outsource your development worries to our offshore development division. Keep your IS team lean and let Macrosoftnet supplement your development needs.

Access to diverse skills

Specialized skills and talents are available in India covering diversified areas such as systems, applications, networking, communication and others. Macrosoftnet can meet all your present and future requirements.

Rapid Development and Deployment

Today, the requirement is to develop and to deploy software productions and solutions in very short time scales. We follow RAD (Rapid Application Development) strategies to develop your software solutions rapidly to meet your internal time estimates and delivery dates.

Advantage India

India has the second largest pool of technically qualified people in the world. The premier institutes of science, technology, and management offer over 55,000 professionals every year in India. Today, India provides software services valued at US$1 billion, and it is expected to reach US$87 billion by 2007!

Advantage Chennai

In a recent survey, the National Association for Software Companies (NASSCOM) has placed Chennai as the best destination for IT companies. Chennai originally called Madras received an overall rating of 80%. Chennai has been rated very high on availability of software manpower, data communication, education, and transportation, besides cost of setting up software units.The state of Tamil Nadu has registered the highest growth (192%) in software exports.

In addition to the communication facilities that are available at present, a host of advanced connectivity has been setup. This includes hybrid of optic and coaxial cables, and wireless systems. In addition, Chennai will be a key center in the Indian National Internet Backbone, an ambitious projects of the Department of Telecommunications. Over 2 TBPS of undersea cables have been laid to Singapore.