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Start > Settings > Connections > Connections
2. Manage existing connections
3. If you see an existing connection already in there, click edit. Otherwise, click New
4. Put in a new name (I just used "att")
5. Access point name: wap.cingular. Hit Next
6. User name:, password: cingular1, no domain
7. Hit Finish
Nokia Forum / Nokia 5800 codes
« Last post by vino on September 21, 2010, 08:10:57 PM »
*#06# displays the IMEI – the serial number – of your phone.
*#0000# displays the firmware and its date.
*#92702689# (*#war_anty) displays the “warranty-menu” of your phone.
*#2820# (*#bta_#) displays the bluetooth-address of your device.
*#62209526# (*#mac_wlan#) displays the MAC-address of your phone it works just for the Wifi phones.

* Holding # for three seconds on the home screen you change the active profile to silent or back.
* By pressing 0 (zero) for three seconds on the home-screen you easily can open the web browser.
* By pressing the Menu/Home key for three seconds you open the task manager, which shows all opened applications.

Nokia reset codes (Be very careful, resets lead to data loss)

*#7780# (*#rst_#) does a soft-reset to your phone.
*#7370# (*#res_#) does a hard-reset to your phone.
Windows PC Forum / HP Laptop webcam problem solved!
« Last post by vrod on September 21, 2010, 10:54:32 AM »
Want to know which driver worked? Acer drivers.  Acer Extensa 5210 Chicony Webcam Driver 5.7

Here are the exact steps I took.

1. Downloaded the file.
2. Unzipped it to a folder on my desktop.
3. Ran the "Setup.exe" file in the folder that got unzipped.
4. Went through the installer until it got to the end and then let it restart my computer.
5. Waited for my computer to restart.
6. It popped up something saying it was installing the drivers for my webcam. Waited until it was done.
7. Opened the Control Panel.
8. Opened the Device Manager.
9. Find my webcam under "Imaging Devices". I noticed it was listed as "HP Pavilion Webcam" despite having just installed the Acer drivers.
10. Right-clicked on my webcam and chose "Update Driver Software..."
11. Chose "Browse my computer for driver software"
12. Chose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
13. Unchecked the "Show compatible hardware" checkbox.
14. Scrolled down to the Chicony manufacturer.
15. Chose the "Acer Crystal Eye webcam.
16. Told it to install anyway when it asked me a question about installing that driver.
17. Waited for the driver to be installed.
18. Noted that my webcam was now listed as an Acer Crystal Eye webcam in Device Manager.

And that was it. It appears to work totally fine now! Again, I have my fingers crossed that it won't suddenly break again, but so far so good.

Forgot to note: This is on a DV6000T running Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium.
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